Outdoor drop type fuse to protect the circuit


Drop-out fuses and load switch fuses are outdoor high voltage protection devices. They are connected to the incoming or distribution lines of distribution transformers. These are mainly used to protect transformers or lines from short circuits, overloads and switching currents. The drop fuse is composed of an insulator bracket and a fuse tube. The static contacts are fixed on both sides of the insulator bracket, and the moving contacts are installed on both ends of the fuse tube. Inside the fuze tube is the fire extinguishing tube. The exterior is made of phenolic composite paper tube or epoxy glass. Load switch fuses provide stretched auxiliary contacts and arc chute closure for switching load current on/off.
In normal operation, the fuse is pulled to a closed position. Under fault current conditions, the fuse link melts and an arc is formed. This is the case with the arc chute. This creates high pressure within the tube and causes the tube to separate from the contacts. Once the fuse element melts, the strength of the contact relaxes. The cutout is now in the open position and the operator needs to turn off the current. Then with an insulated lever, the moving contact can be pulled. The main contact and the auxiliary contact are connected.


Melting tube structure:
The fuse is made of flberglsaa, which is moisture and corrosion resistant.
Fuse base:
The product base is embedded with mechanical structures and insulators. The metal rod mechanism is installed with special adhesive material and insulator, which can withstand short circuit current to turn on the power.
Moisture-proof fuse has no bubbles, no deformation, no open circuit, large capacity, anti-ultraviolet, long life, superior electrical properties, dielectric strength and excellent mechanical rigidity and dedication ability.
The whole mechanism is neutral, easy to install, safe and reliable.


Post time: Dec-06-2022